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The Significance of Hospitality

Which element of service is often neglected and underdeveloped, yet is probably the most important detail for hotel businesses or professionals in the hotel industry?

It is very important to recognize the significance of this element of service - hospitality.

The quality of your hospitality influences everything that is essential to your level of success: Your reputation/brand, your number of return guests, your revenue, and your additional rewards, which include a great place to work and a bright future for your business or professional career.

Hospitality is fundamental and basic to the hotel and lodging industry - past, present and future. Hospitality provides essential services for travelers - necessity, leisure or luxury. It is important to all individual customers and to businesses, so hospitality must always be important to hotel business owners and to professionals working within the hotel industry as well.

Hospitality is a combination of attitude and services. Good-excellent r…

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