The Significance of Hospitality

Which element of service is often neglected and underdeveloped, yet is probably the most important detail for hotel businesses or professionals in the hotel industry?

It is very important to recognize the significance of this element of service - hospitality.

The quality of your hospitality influences everything that is essential to your level of success: Your reputation/brand, your number of return guests, your revenue, and your additional rewards, which include a great place to work and a bright future for your business or professional career.

Hospitality is fundamental and basic to the hotel and lodging industry - past, present and future. Hospitality provides essential services for travelers - necessity, leisure or luxury. It is important to all individual customers and to businesses, so hospitality must always be important to hotel business owners and to professionals working within the hotel industry as well.

Hospitality is a combination of attitude and services. Good-excellent reviews result from having a balanced presence of both. If something is lacking in either one of these elements for a guest, you should expect a negative review to follow. That indicates very clearly you have control of your own reputation.

Your attitude and quality of services define you. Like it or not, guests will label and rate your hotel mainly on your hospitality or your lack of it. We all know you cannot have a hotel business without hotel guests. Even if your hotel property and facility is lacking and needs some updating or renovation, you will find that good, warm hospitality will help buffer a guest's disappointment during their stay. We see this frequently mentioned in hotel reviews.

"This hotel was a bit outdated, but the service was great, and the rooms were very clean! I would definitely stay here again."

"Check-in was a breeze. The guy at the desk acknowledged me as soon as I arrived even though it was a busy night. He was very efficient and had me to my room in no time. I think his name is Patrick. My room needed some new furniture, but had everything I needed and was clean."

"This may be an older hotel, but the service was great! Breakfast was good too, even had healthy options and snacks to go."

You may have a beautiful hotel property for guests to enjoy, but they will surely notice your lack of hospitality - every time.

"I thought this would be a perfect hotel. Looked very modern. Pool was amazing, but the staff was so rude! I wouldn't stay there again if you paid me!"

"They had several nice restaurants on property to choose from which was super convenient. The girl at check-in was busy on her cellphone and didn't even acknowledge me and several other guests waiting to check-in. She acted like she could care less we were there and it was more important for us to wait on her. Then she had our reservations mixed up. Even though the food was great at their restaurants and the bar was nice, I probably won't go back."

"The lobby was beautiful and upscale, but the room was disgusting! Looked like the sheets had not been changed. The desk clerk acted annoyed I brought it to his attention. The bathroom could have been cleaner too. I found some hairs underneath the sink."

Regardless of changing trends within the industry, hospitality will continue to be the basic cornerstone from which a hotel business is built, and will ultimately determine/influence the measure of success throughout the life of the business. A low standard of genuine hospitality represents a tarnished reputation and guarantees you a disastrous and uncertain future.

"Few guests complain to us about our hospitality during their stay," you say. If guests are not returning to stay with you again for another great lodging experience or they are not sharing positive reviews and feedback, then simply put, you are not outstanding. You have to be outstanding if you want to be successful.

A genuine, welcoming smile is memorable and makes customers smile with a little more happiness than before they arrived at your hotel. If nothing else, they will remember your hospitality.

Hospitable treatment of guests must be more than just an option, it must be standard operating procedure. If you want to be outstanding compared to other hotel organizations or professional peers, you have to raise your standard and level of personal expectations and be consistent with your efforts.

Successful hotels have outstanding leadership and outstanding employees consistently delivering outstanding service. There is no complicated formula to figure out.

It makes sense to be impressionable for all the right reasons so you can establish a good reputation and so you can experience the financial rainfall and continue to grow your business.

Hospitality will drive the success of your hotel business or professional career far beyond what you could possibly imagine compared to simply hanging an Open for Business sign or trying to draw in traffic from a great website.

There is a catch though. You must be consistent to benefit and see results. Your hospitality needs to be shared in generous amounts with every guest. You also need to pay close attention to how your interpretation or level of hospitality is being received from from a guests perspective. Is it coming across as genuine? If not or if there is inconsistency present, guests will spot it, and your efforts will be ineffective.

Secrets of a Thriving Hotel is challenging you to evaluate and elevate your hospitality. Don't neglect to recognize and utilize the most significant detail for your hotel business or professional career in the hotel industry.

How is hospitality influencing your hotel business? Please contact us. We would love to hear from you!