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"Rebekah is an excellent ambassador for the service/hospitality industry. I have traveled over 2,000,000 miles in my life (according to Delta) and have stayed at some of the most prestigious hotels in this country and Japan. I can honestly say that in NO CASE have I been treated any nicer and felt as welcome as Rebekah Fishel made me feel. I never expected to encounter a person of the quality of Rebekah Fishel. I highly recommend her.”
Randy Bringman – Sales and Business Manager

"Secrets of a Thriving Hotel is a resourceful online tool that keeps you informed on industry trends, operations tips and guest relations. The blog helps keep hoteliers up-to-date on the latest news to operate successfully and efficiently."
    John Durst - SCRLA President and CEO
          (South Carolina Restaurant and Lodging Association)

On Training with Rebekah J. Fishel: "Rebekah trained me and it was hands down the best first day on a job I have ever experienced. It was so smooth - the way she trained me. Nobody has ever taken the time to explain what is required on the job and the best method process for getting the job done. She also made it fun and the most relaxed first day on the job."
Jacob - Food and Beverage Associate

"I would highly recommend Rebekah for her work in the Hospitality Industry. She has a very good attention to detail and gets to know people by their first name so that you never feel like a stranger. Rebekah would make a great facility manager or trainer to teach others in the industry how to treat people."
William Scott - Sales Manager

"Rebekah is good for the hotel industry. She is the very reason we returned to Asheville, NC. We came back just to see her again so we could experience her wonderful hospitality. She comes out and interacts with all the guests. It's great! We love it! That is not something you typically experience at hotels. You cannot fake great hospitality. She's a natural. She knows everyone and remembers guests. What a great personality she has. Rebekah is obviously good at what she does. She is passionate about providing excellent guest service and it shows."
Frank Regeski 

"Rebekah is a great hospitality host. She's always a hard worker and goes out of her way for the guests to make sure their needs are met. The guests love seeing her and talking. Rebekah is good at what she does and seems to really enjoy it."
Carolyn O.

"I highly recommend Rebekah!"
Marcus Berg - Commercial/Hospitality Industry Photographer, Unique Angles Photography

"Rebekah is a hospitality success story, and a passionate individual with a true understanding of the 'nuts and bolts' of the industry."
Matt Shiells-Jones - Author and Training Writer for the Hotel Industry

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Today, during the launch event of the new global initiative ‘Travalyst’, The Duke of Sussex shared his remarks on the exciting new initiative from Amsterdam. #Travalyst, an initiative led by The Duke and founded by, Ctrip, Skyscanner, TripAdvisor and Visa, sees a pressing need for increased collaboration to make sustainability a priority across our entire travel experience - and we believe that collective, collaborative action will be critical to achieve this. The travel and tourism sector is constantly growing and contributes a significant impact to the world we live in today. The Duke sees it as one of the worlds biggest problems but believes this partnership can make it one its greatest solutions: • - 1.8 Billion trips will be made annually by 2030, and since 2000, the number of trips taken around the world has more than doubled - 71% of global travellers think travel companies should offer more sustainable options - $8.8 Trillion was generated to the global economy from travel and tourism last year - 57% of all international trips by 2030 will include emerging market destinations We plan to work closely with local communities and providers, leveraging technology to help scale sustainable supply to meet the growing mass-market demand from consumers - ultimately, making sustainable travel options of all kinds easier for consumers to identify, book and enjoy. To discover more about the new initiative, visit Photo ©️ SussexRoyal

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