Traveler Photos - The Naked Truth About Hotels

Traveler's photos expose the naked truth of how well or how poorly hotel owners maintain their properties. They can also affect hotel reviews and ultimately influence future room sales. Travelers often depend on reviews and images from other travelers to select a hotel.

Unlike highly edited professional images that have been carefully selected to entice hotel bookings on websites, traveler photos are more honest. They reveal important clues about what is important to hotel guests, which is a great tool for hoteliers. Unfortunately, these photos also reveal to guests what is least important to some hotel owners. Hopefully the opposite can be said for you and your hotel.

If you are serious about having a successful hotel business, take time to study traveler photos of your own hotel. Do you notice any details that need attention? If so, waste no time in getting them fixed. Your efforts might be the deciding factor on the level of success your hotel will experience.

Secrets of a Thriving Hotel magazine recently studied hotel reviews that consistently averaged three out of five stars. We looked at traveler photos associated with those hotels. We selected hotels from all four corners of the United States: California, Washington, Maine and Florida.

We discovered that regardless of their location, these hotel owners share something in common because they were all making some of the same mistakes. They need to drastically improve their hotel property before/so they can experience better hotel reviews including traveler photos showing a positive hotel experience with them.

What will these traveler photos that we found during our study tell a potential guest?

Is this the Shotel Hotel or a sign for the hotel shuttle? Either way, don't take the shuttle! This is the first sign a guest will see at this hotel. A sign of bad things to come? First impressions... 

Maybe this hotel shuttle van should post a warning sign - No travel safety guaranteed! Good luck arriving to the airport in one piece!

You absolutely cannot use any of the appliances in this hotel!

Whatever you do, just don't touch it!

Beware of the mystery carpet stains!

Need a good night's sleep? Just forget about it!

Peek-a-Boo bedding! Cigarette burns?

Duct tape and a smoke detector. Not two things you want to see together.

At least if there is a fire you can call 911 for help, especially if your cell phone needs to be charged. Use at your own risk!
Or you could just go for it and jump out of the window!

Wide screen TV static for your viewing pleasure!

Bedbugs! Expect a sleepless night and a trip to the nearest ER!

Don't go to sleep! Whatever you do, stay awake!

If you value your life, don't use the elevator! Good luck!

These traveler photos may seem somewhat extreme and outdated, but these were actually fairly current pictures from various hotels across the US. 
The point is, as a hotel business owner it is your responsibility to take care of your guests. Above all else they need to feel safe. If you want your guests to have an overall good hotel experience, then you will need to consistently improve and maintain every tiny detail of your hotel that you possibly can. Be pro-active before guests arrive. 
Don't forget. Travelers pay attention to and trust other travelers. You need good pictures from hotel guests. Give them something good to share. 
Taking pride and ownership in your hotel property is a huge investment that will bring measurable results for your business.