Ten Ways to Make Lasting Impressions with Hotel Guests

First impressions are extremely important - especially in the hospitality industry. Employees from award-winning hotel Candlewood Suites located in Greenville, SC shared these valuable tips to help you create a lasting impression with your hotel guests.

 1. Your attitude sets the tone.

 2. Your smile will never go unnoticed.

 3. Be excited that a guest is there!

 4. Your tone of voice says more about you than you realize. Are you bland or upbeat and excited?

 5. Treat every guest as if it's the first time they have been to your hotel or have experienced your brand.

 6. Be willing to listen if guests want to share a conversation. Guests remember having conversations and connecting with you.

 7. Be knowledgeable about your hotel and brand. Don't be shy about sharing helpful information during conversations, especially if it is their first time staying with you.

 8. Continue to cultivate your ability to connect with guests - everyday.

 9. Everybody makes mistakes, but if a guest feels comfortable with you, they will let you know if something is wrong instead of walking out the door and never coming back.

10. Acknowledge hotel guests often during their stay whenever you have contact with them.