Hotel Inspections - Guest Feedback

Travelers are curious and like to explore. Secrets of a Thriving Hotel Magazine invited guests to describe the first thing they typically do after checking-in at a hotel. What do you think was mentioned most in their feedback?



"Close the curtains and check for cleanliness."


"I bring my own blankest and pillows with me to a hotel room. The first thing I do is take the bedspread off the beds and check the sheets for cleanliness. Then I put my comforters and pillows on - and check out the bed for comfort."





 Jim Arrendell:

"As lead vocalist for my band, The Business, I'm in hotels all year for work so my experience may be different. 1- Pick a bed. 2- Adjust the A/C if needed. 3- Plop on the bed and see what all the fuss is about on TV. 4- TV off and alarm clock set."






"I check the beds first, then restroom, 

then A/C, but if the room smells, I 

can't take it..   





Amy Morrison:

"The first thing we do is take stock of the room. Is it clean? Is there a fridge or microwave? Does it smell weird? Once I take that all in, I pop on the TV for the kids so we can use the washroom and unpack. I have to admit that I remove any decorative pillows and put them aside somewhere - they look really nice but I can only imagine what they have seen." Amy is the founder of   




"I like to close the curtains for privacy. Then if it's hot outside I turn on the A/C. If it's cold, then the heat gets turned on."




"I take a sniff of the air. I don't like damp/dusky/musty/smoky air - and I don't like a freshly painted room either. It brings on a migraine in minutes, so I definitely would request a room change if freshly painted. All that to say air quality is important to me. Most of the time I just deal with it because I'm soooo tired, and I just want to lay down on a flat surface and pass out."

Kristy is the owner of



"Open the curtains to see what kind of view we have, then sit on the bed to determine how comfortable it is. The comfort of the bed is the biggest, determining factor as to how well I will sleep that night." 





 "I check everything for cleanliness."




"Look around the room and make sure it's clean. Check drawers for money. Look under the bed for dead bodies. Then cut the A/C on."







"The first thing I do after checking-in and entering my room is to find an appropriate place/outlet to plug in my phone. After the day of traveling to get wherever I am going, usually my phone is borderline out of power. Then I do a quick look around as to the amenities that are there and that are supposed to be there -- specifically the bottled water / ashtrays / towels / shampoo. Then I proceed to look for the folded luggage table to drop my luggage on and unpack."  



"The smell test always comes first as I discern the "feel" of the room. If the room passes, I check all the other things as I go around with a sanitary wipe, wiping down all the surfaces. I once got the Norwalk virus from a room where the staff attending the room had it. She had no choice but to work due to not having paid time off. Also, we also check for a sprinkler system."




 "I bring my own Lysol and spray everything -- remote, door knobs, light switches, sink faucets, all bathroom facilities, hair dryer, etc.. I don't use glasses or cups for drinking."





"I usually look around the room and then sit on the bed to see how comfy it is. Then I look for the TV remote."

Sara Marie:

 "I turn on the A/C or the heat. It would be nice to have the A/C on already, especially if you have a reservation. Then I check the bed for comfort. After the experience I had with a hotel in FL, I will now start checking for cleanliness after setting the temp." 



"I always pull back covers to look at sheets - and then check all the nooks and crannies for ickies!!! I'm very picky and want cleanliness!! (especially in the bathroom)" 



"Actually, I usually turn on the A/C since I used to work nights and I still sleep with a noisy fan on at night. If the A/C doesn't get cold enough, I will ask to change rooms. If it is not noisy enough, I will bring in my own box fan. Also, I run a black light over the bed spreads...LOL just kidding."  




"I always check the sheets. Need to make sure the bed is clean." 




 Tommy Maloney:

"For me it is checking out the view, then the bathroom. The bathroom is vital because if you wake up in the middle of the night you need to remember where it is, or you might end up in the closet."

Tommy is a motivational speaker and founder of



"I check the bathroom out. (Does the toilet and shower look clean?) Then on to the bed."







"I check the A/C first because it's usually off - so I set it to please us. Then I check for linens in the bathroom to be sure there are enough. Then I organize luggage to be in a convenient place but not in the way of traffic flow."




"It depends on the hotel and how often I've been there. There are a couple of hotels that I have been to so often that I put my stuff in the room, then go back to the front desk so I can get caught up on what I have missed out on."