Hospitality Community Spotlight - Dharmik Kash Mehta

 Hi! My name is Dharmik. Every little good deed you do counts! It does not have to be expensive or enormous. Working in the hotel industry, we learn to treat guests like they are part of our community instead of just treating them like “customers”. They are essential in what makes our hotel stronger and grow. 

I love being able to see the guests enjoy their stay with us, and return with a happy attitude because someone in our hotel community did something special to make them remember us, and distinguish our hotel. It's stuff like this that makes my day.

I witnessed a good deed at my job, Best Western, NASA, Webster, TX. I had a young woman call to check on an elderly gentleman staying at our hotel under her ID and payment for 4 nights. She wanted me to see if he was healthy and doing well. I assumed this was her grandpa. He was so happy, laughing, and smiling.

He came over to front desk at 11am for breakfast. Unfortunately, he missed breakfast. I gave him some items from the fridge.

The woman returned and asked for an envelope. She put $100 in the envelope and asked me to give it to the guest. I told her I couldn't transport cash and that she would have to deliver the money to his room. She didn't feel safe going to his room alone so I walked with her.

Once we arrived and she handed him the envelope, the elderly gentleman cried with happiness and said, “Thank you for everything!” It turns out that the gentleman is a homeless war veteran, and the young woman is a waitress at a restaurant nearby. She paid $317 for him, a random homeless war veteran, to stay at our hotel, and just gave him $100.
He served us - so she served him. God bless our veterans. I wanted to pass on the message of taking action in doing good things, and helping our community grow.