From a Guest's Perspective - Becky Oliver

I like to travel - a lot! I have traveled to many places that are not only in the United States but also over in Europe. One of my traveling experiences is that I go to a retreat every January at the Hilton hotel located at North Myrtle Beach, SC, near the Kingston Plantation. I have been going there for twenty-four years.

The first year, I met one of the guys that meet you out front to help bring in your bags; a concierge or porter. His name is Arter (pronounced Arther). I'm not certain, but I believe his native country is Brazil. When I first met Arter, he had a big smile, was very happy, and was eager to do anything to assist you.

He has a great attitude and always makes you feel very comfortable and wanted at their hotel.

Every year since, I have always tried to get him to be the person that brings my bags inside the hotel. The more I have gone, the better we have gotten to know each other. He always recognizes me. He knows who I am, and I know who he is. If I have to wait until Arter can help me when I arrive I will do so.

I was running late for the most recent retreat. When I finally arrived, he said, “I was getting worried about you. I didn't see you come early and I was hoping everything was OK. I'm so glad you made it safe! I have some extra special things for you this time. Here's complimentary vouchers for a free breakfast and a free Starbucks coffee.” That was a really nice surprise! I didn't ask for those items. He just gave them to me.

The next day when I came down to the lobby, he said, “Ma'am, do you need two more of those vouchers?” I said, “Sure, that would be great!” So I did not have to pay for my breakfast for Friday, Saturday or Sunday; they normally charge for the breakfast buffet at that hotel. He was definitely taking care of me.

That is why when I give him a tip I always tip him extra-extra because I appreciate people like that. He even gave me a hug when I arrived and called me by my name. This is what makes somebody a good hotel representative. The other guys that work there are sometimes nice but sometimes not. Sometimes they're attentive; sometimes they're not.

I know if I get Arter, he's always very willing to provide whatever I need. He will ask questions such as “What can I get you?”, “Do you need anything?”, “May I take your stuff to your room for you?, “Are you hungry?”, and Do you want me to get anything for you on the way up?” He is always attentive to what I might need as a guest.

That is why I enjoy going to that particular Hilton and meeting him there each time. He is wonderful, and kind-hearted with a heart of gold. He also has a smile that goes from ear to ear. He has one of the kindest souls. I can't say enough about him. I'm sure he has many other guests that recognize a lot of good things about him as well.

I asked him during one of my visits if he loves his job. I said, “You must really enjoy what you do.” He replied, “Oh, I love it! I get to meet and serve all sorts of people. I get a chance to see where everybody comes from.” So he takes advantage of his job and gets the best out of it.

Arter provides outstanding service. He steps up and inspires other workers to do a better job. He takes pride. That is the biggest thing. He takes pride in his work, and it absolutely shows!