Favorite Hotel Brands - Guest Feedback

What is your favorite hotel brand? Tell us what you like most about them.

Jeffrey Hayzlett


Matt from MO:

"Hmmm....I'd have to think about it. They all kind of blur together. :)"

Becky from NC:

"Hilton is by far my most favorite hotel brand. They are consistent across the board, and I love staying with them."



John from SC:

"Probably the Red Roof Inn since it is always pet friendly and inexpensive. They are also very easy to book online. I do like Best Westerns as well, but find them a little pricier."


Terry Bellamy from NC:

"My family enjoys being Hilton-Honors members. They have a variety of hotels for us to choose from, and their rates are reasonably priced. We enjoy their indoor pools, tasty food and excellent customer service." 

Terry is a former mayor of Asheville, NC. She currently serves as the neighborhood outreach coordinator/communication specialist for The Housing Authority of the City of Asheville.



 Jeffrey Hayzlett from New York, Los Angeles and South Dakota:

"I love Marriott for variety of reasons, primarily the consistency in the quality of the service to a frequent traveler or road warrior like myself.  As a high-level customer I’m greeted in a customary manner by the staff because of my earned status and I tend to frequent the whole same hotels often.  And because they have a great mobile app I'm able to book reservations on the fly, change them, and even bypass the front desk checking in or checking out without ever having to talk to anyone!  Sometimes you’re just in a hurry to check in and get going to the next city and hotel.

In addition I have found their reward program to be exceptional. And while I travel so much I'd rather be home, it’s nice to know that I can use the points to go to exotic locations for a holiday."  


Jeffrey Hayzlett – Primetime TV and radio host, Keynote speaker, Best-Selling author, and global business celebrity.



Sarah from NC:

"I love Hampton and Fairfield...and Candlewood Suites..Hampton and Fairfield because that's about as fancy as I can get on my budget and they are always clean, accomodating, and pleasant for a stay. But I love Candlewood Suites because of all their conveniences and awesome, helpful staff!"



Eddie from CA:

"We always prefer nice boutique hotels when one can be found. They tend to be smaller, quieter and offer better service than the bigger chains. That said, Four Seasons and Mandarin Oriental are at the top of our list but when that's out of our price range we'll research our options and find something nice that's reasonable priced."



Melisa from NC:

"Quality Inn and Comfort Inn are good, but most resorts are better. Beach Cove and Westin Resorts have wonderful amenities."

Lori Crete from CA:

"I love this question! I was also a flight attendant for 14 years so I have done my fair share of traveling and staying in hotel rooms!
I am currently a loyal SPG member. I love the brands associated with this rewards program. My favorite is the The Phoenician hotel in Scottsdale, AZ. Their customer service is amazing, they have all these little perks that I have not experienced elsewhere. The turn down service includes, soft music, soft lighting, a chocolate, a flower and a foil wrapped make up removing cloth (which the esthetician in me loved)!"

Lori Crete - Owner of Spa 10 in Encino, California, and President and Founder of the Esthetician MentorTM. thespa10.com

Rocky from NC:

"We have always had great stays at Holiday Inn! They are always clean and the staff is always very friendly and helpful! Have stayed in many all over the south east and have always had great experiences. I do have to say though that they are a little pricy, but with all the travel websites out there you can always find a good deal."


Eliot Wadopian from NC:

"..usually the Hamptons, Hampton Inn and Suites – That chain seems to be clean. It is still a little high for us as a band, but it seems to be functional, within the budget – sort of begrudgingly - but their breakfast has at least a little something there. Sometimes Holiday Inn will pop up as well, but it just sort of depends on where I am going, where I decide to stop."

Scott Raines from NC:

"Many times we get put up in suites, condos or even bed & breakfasts with the band, but just for normal hotels, we like Holiday Inn Express and Hampton Inns. They are very consistent with comfy beds and breakfast." artimuspyleband.com

David Cohen - artist from NC:

"I either stay with friends, or, like this last trip, stay at a friend's place of business - which was not a hotel but a very nice hacienda in Trancas, Mexico. www.haciendalastrancas.com if you are interested."                                                





Kevin from NC:

"We tend to go for Comfort Inn and Suites because they seem to be consistent with their service and cleanliness."

Maria from NC:

"We usually try to find a Holiday Inn Express as long as it is not far off the exit. We try to make sure it is in a safe location."


Stephanie from NC:

"I like cute boutique hotels best, but of the chains, I like Hyatt Place select-service. It's really hip and has all the right technology in the rooms. Smart."


What do you like most about your favorite hotel brand?